Aug 19, 2009

Reasons for Multiple marrige of Prophet(saas)

Assalam mualaikum

Prophet's multiple marriages

For every age there is a certain nature & context of culture which differentiate it from others. This cultural context and nature must be taken in to account to understand why the prophet (saas) married more than four. He had married so for reasons political, social, religious.

Social reasons:

His marriage to Khadeejah (ra) due to his honesty and sincerity, & Khadejah (ra) was honourable person in society of the Arabs and he (saas) was wise and sincere. she died while he (saas) was in the age of 50.
He married after her Sauda bint Zanma & she was a widom. The Prophet (saas) had four daughter who needed a mother for their care and upbringing.
He married Hafsa bint Umar after her husbsnd's deth, for the sake of Umar ibn Khattab (ra) as a honour.
He married Zainab Bint Khuzaimah, after her husband was matyred.
He married Umm Salmah after her husband died while she had children.
He married Zainab Bint Khuzaimah, after her husband was martyred.
He married Umm Salmah after her husband died while she had children.
It is clear that the prophet (saas) married the wives of martyrs as a support to them psychologically and to their children. This was from Allah compensation great indeed, to the widows of the martyrs.

Religious reasons:
His marriage with Ayesha by Divine revelation, as He say in dream marrying her, and dreams of Prophets (pbuth) are a revelation.
Marrying others so that religious commands be safeguarded regarding women issues into which men cannot get access to, such as menstruation, sexual relation etc.
Political reasons:
Some marriage of holy Prophet our leader (saas) was due to reasons such as reconciliation of the hearts among parties, repulsion of enmity among people, freeing of war captives and so on.
His marriage with Juwaira bint Haris, who fell at the hands of Muslims as a war captive and she was a respected woman from respected tribe. He married her thereby freeing her from captivity.
His marriage with Umm habiba daughter of Abu Sufyan a respected man among the pagans of Mecca. Her husband became Christian while she remained Muslim. Prophet (saas) married her and this was a great reason for breaking the hatred of Abu Sufyan against Islam.
His marriage with Safiyya Bint Hayy who was a captive of Khaibar war, but He (saas) married her thereby freeing her.

Also the Prophet’s (saas) multiple marriage started at the age of 53. Is it a proof for his sexual lust for woman while he was offered the most beautiful of women in Mecca by the pagans at the beginning of His prophethood if he left his mission, which he refused by saying ‘If they were to put the moon and the sun on my two hands I would not leave my mission from Allah’? Also one who is sexually lustful will he marry widows, old women and slave women?
Also multiple marriages were also done by previous prophets as mentioned in Old Testament:

Prophet Abraham (pbuh) had three wives (Genesis)
Prophet Jacob (Yaqub) (Pbuh) had four wives (Genesis)
Prophet Solomon (Sulayman) (Pbuh) had more than hundred wives (The Kings)
The Prophets married more than one because of reason social, political or religious or it was culturally praised in their times. It is a specialty of prophets (Pbuth). They are the best of creation, sinless, full of wisdom of Divine revelations and secrets of creations, as much as Allah has willed for them. It will be a sin to think badly of them, even disbelief.
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